Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail


Sammy Says... Another Easter Egg!!

Back Paddle

Here is the pack I used. Thanks to Ann Harvey, for so kindly lending the item.

I did enjoy the waterproofness of the pack, but all things considered... still want a Mike Krepner pack like Matt's.


The army surplus self-inflater and carrying bag only cost $15 at Bill's Family Outfitters in Fredericton, but I had to find and fix the leak. Over the last 10 year it has given increadible service, and with a household garbage bag inside to backup the aging original waterproofness, it stayed dry despite being lashed to the outside of the pack.

The Trail Blazer Bucksaw is something that I rarely travel without. It is small enough to fit into even a daypack, but can supply a night's wood in a hurry. Check one out at.........


The waterproof map case was a real "bargin bin" find at Wheeler's in Fredericton. It is designed for military use, and puts anything you will find at a regular outfitting store to shame. Again, it sees use all year long, during every type of activity, and snaps to the canoe thwart, the backpack, and the daypack with amazing ease. If this should ever go missing, I'll waste no time getting another at

Back Paddle