Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail

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Maliseet Trail at Davenport Cove

From 1820 survey done by Treat, Holyoke, and Chief Neptune. As depicted in the 1820 Trip Journal of Brigadier General (Maine Militia), Joseph Treat, Page 185.

Sammy Says: "My understanding is that Micah Pawling, University of Maine- Historic Research of Maine, recently linked these historic maps to the Maliseet Trail. The maps were brought to our attention in September, 2005, and represent a huge advancement on the question of the trail's exact route. I showed these maps to a NB-based professional working on historical maps, and was told that they consider these maps, based on the date they were done, and the three people involved, to be the most authoritative "written" source on the route of the ancient trail. Thanks Micah."

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