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A web site to: celebrate the Ancient Maliseet Canoe Trail; recognize the role the Trail played in both pre-contact societies and post-contact politics; and, encourage a respectful future for the Trail. Hosted by Dino KubiK (aka Sammy Solo) with help from the paddling and historical communities.

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Spring Course 2008

The Lost Maliseet Trail
A Paddlers Perspective

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Date and duration: Monday Evenings, April 28 – May 12 (3 weeks)

The Edwin Tappan Adney Connection;


Sammy Says: "You will find Easter Eggs if you follow the links from the solo paddler icons (_;__)"

Welcome and greetings from Sammy Solo:

Happy to be your guide for this virtual tour of the Ancient Maliseet Trail. Here you will find historical accounts, maps that few people have ever seen, pictures, trip reports, as well as, folklore about lost Maliseet gold, Shamans Protectorates, and portage trails being worn into solid granite.

There is plenty of information on this site but it is not suitable for navigational purposes.


The intent of this site is to: celebrate the cultural significance of the Trail; recognize the role the Trail played in pre-contact society and post-contact politics; and, to stack the deck in favor of a respectful future for the Trail (_;__).

Adventitious travelers wanting to join the ranks of the 3 parties that set out on the Trail's 200 kms of paddling and 15 kms of portaging in the last 85 years will find this site to be a logical starting point. Only a starting point.(_;__)

The Trail's portage routes are unmapped, and unmarked. Most are under private ownership and getting lost on the portages has happened to more than one experienced traveler.

The Trail's rivers and lakes are remote and can be dangerous. The Trail can be crossed in open canoes loaded with gear; however, there is a need to scout and be aware of weather conditions. There are waterfalls, class IV rapids, and hydro dams appearing without much warning. On the 25-30 kms of open water crossings one finds wind-swept lakes with shallow bottoms. A combination which quickly produces a dangerous chop of white caps capable of running in cross directions.


Stories for drowning and serious injuries on the lakes and rivers comprising the Trail have been documented as recently as July 2005 (_;__). < Click on that last solo paddler icon to read one of the latest.

A party considering a crossing should have members with similar types experiences and be prepared to spend time scouting the Trail in advance of the trip.

However, we cal all enjoy this virtual tour of the Ancient Maliseet Trail which starts here ...


Sammy Solo's Lament for the Lost Maliseet Trail©


The Maliseet Trail Crossing of 2005 by Mike Grant, Matt Hopkinson, Elizabeth Johnston, Dino KubiK, Paul Meyer, Anthony Reader, Craig Macdonald, and Nancy Macdonald


The Maliseet Trail Revisited: An October 2005, Weekend Trip by Sammy and Mike Grant (Page Partially Constructed)


The Maliseet Trail Crossing of 1964 by Dr. Peter Lewis Paul and Nicholas N. Smith


The Maliseet Trail Crossing of 1994 by Ty Polchies and Martin Paul


Maliseet Trail Maps, Descriptions, and Stories, by Henry David Thoreau, W.F Ganong, Mike Krepner, Chief Joseph Neptune, W.J. Bailey, G.F. Clarke, Robert J. Ross, and Joseph Treat


Here are additional links that have been added since the site opened in June 2005....





The site owes much to many people. These include: Allison Connell; Ann Harvey; Anthony Reader*; Beth Johnston*; Bill and Matt Fleming; Bill Paul; Bob Miller; Craig Macdonald*; David Cook; David Cook; David Myles; Dino KubiK*; Donald Soctomah; Dr. Kent Orlando; Elbridge Cleaves; Frederic Clarke Jr.; Geoff King; Ian MacEacheron; James Henderson; Jane Hargrove; Janet Bishop; Jaye Hargrove; Jim Dumville; Joanne Light; John Heinstein; Lane MacIntosh; Linda Baier; Mary Ellen Badeau; Matt Hopkinson*; Mike Grant*; Mike Krepner; Nancy Macdonald*; Nicholas N. Smith; Nick Callanan; Patricia Belier; Paul Meyer*; Phillip Warn Foss; Roy McNally; Sean Phinney; Timothy Gould; Tom Somerville; Tony Grant; Wayne Gunter; and W.E. (Gary) Campbell.

* members of 2005 Crossing Party


Yours in the matters of the Trail,

Sammy Solo ( _;___)

PS- I have a higher standard of principle than George Washington. He could not lie; I can, but promise I won't. (_;__)



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